Where should we go?

We’re depositing any projects that the Oxford community brings to us. Some will work, some may not, but let’s bring it all to the table. Click on any of the project titles to send us an email with feedback on that subject!

Hix to Mary Potter Connector

This is the pilot project that we are currently working to get done, targeting the close of 2022 for a completion date.

Wilmington Avenue Connector

This connector is already partially maintained by the City, and could easily connect residents east of Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave to sidewalks, and prevent dangerous foot crossings between Easy Street and Industry Drive.

Green Acres Roundabout Park

Located at the corner of Tranquil Drive and Hillcrest, residents have expressed an interest in turning this City-owned and maintained island into a pocket park, and rallying residents to help beautify this space, and turning it into an attractive destination.

Railroad Right-of-Way Path

This is already a worn-in footpath between West College Street and Roxboro Road. We’ve heard that residents would like to be able to walk to Food Lion, and not potentially have to dodge trains to do it. As this neighborhood is devoid of sidewalks, this is a great solution to allow move foot traffic to the closest commercial destination.

Lake Devin Trail Network/Red Barn Upkeep

The City Parks facilities at Lake Devin are a part of Oxford’s culture, and holds lots of memories for long-term Oxford residents. This effort is two-fold: we want to offer support to:

  • The Lake Devin trail network, a shovel-ready project that has been proposed to the City by several private citizens.
  • Helping to save the Red Barn, which has fallen into disrepair.