Take a look around.

Oxford is growing, and it’s changing- and we want it to change into something that is more friendly and walkable, for all of Oxford.

Where are new neighbors going to land? And how will they be connected to our downtown?

Oxford Community Action Network (OxCAN) is a group of citizens who want to create a public/private partnership to help our town’s leaders to make good on our motto of “Historic, Walkable, and Friendly.”

What does that mean, at first, for our organization? It means that we are working to promote the use of public green spaces (pocket parks, for lack of a better term), and footpaths to connect them.

We want to make sure that all citizens of Oxford can walk or bike to our town’s essential services, like downtown shopping, or our growing number of eateries, or the grocery.

If you’d like to help, we want to hear from you. We are looking for folks who not only say to us “wow, that’s a great idea,” but people who want to do something about this idea. We talk a lot about greenways, and we are always surprised that once we mention the subject, the response, unfailingly, is: “Someone should do something about that.” That’s where we all come in.

OxCAN is designed to connect people who will advocate to their friends, family, and neighbors- people who want to create citizen-focused infrastructure for Oxford.

If this sounds like something you’re willing to do, then click the button below, and tell us about your ideas, and how you’d be willing to help. We will be talking very soon.

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